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Long ago in a world far far away

A mystical group of individuals from far and wide; as far as the west coast of Africa to South America to North America and beyond a fire was sparked..


The torch represents a diverse group of young collaborators and audience who believe that the stories shared elevate and enrich us with experiences that although are not ours, allow us to navigate life with less trial-and-error through the tools and methods shared from our vast backgrounds

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“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

— Fredrich Nietzsche

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Bienvenue! Here at the torch stories aren't just things we save for campfires but shared with the aim of helping each other navigate life with less friction by learning from our vastly different backgrounds and approaches to life so get on board!


I'm an old soul that's passionate about people and knowledge.
A pretty inconsistent, tired, young man from Nigeria using the lemons life handed him to cook.
Hannah is a Canadian homeschool graduate, living and writing in Costa Rica.